Andrey S. Kolosov 


Personal exhibition

2010 White. Museum and Exhibition Centre, Reutov, Russia

2015 Carpe diem. MOMMA, Moscow, Russia


Group exhibition

2008 Starry Sky. City Galler, Reutov, Russia

2009 Starry Sky. City Galler, Reutov, Russia

2012 Rejected by reality. Artplay, Moscow, Russia

2013 Workshop 2013. MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

2013 Gift. MUAR, Moscow, Russia

2014 2+1. Don Quixote Social Center, Istambul, Turkey

2016 ... Historical museum, Koceljevo, Serbia

2017 Zimnice. Historical museum. Kocelevo, Serbia



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Колосов Андрей sacramentum amores






New Year


Колосов Андрей выставка Carpe d?em 2015






Kolosov Andrey Luka












What is the difference between an artwork and an element of design? The first one is sense bearing. While working with a medieval Russian script, the said Pomor ligatured script, the artist subjects it to endless metamorphoses – letters stretch, scale changes, so that the resulting written signs should echo rather an ornamental pattern than a script. To decipher the hidden message from the first sight is not an easy task. However, even if you miss the meaning behind the ornamental component, the very pattern sets the mood and atmosphere by the balance of colour and rhythm, recreating the symbolical code enshrined in the cultural memory.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a street artist and charging his works with word-signs and texts of Latin expressions, Kolosov also directs his audience’s attention to the common European calligraphic tradition. Plural interpretations are intended to set going associative chains and to use them in creating new meanings, thus initiating a personal dialogue between the artist and the viewer, which is to develop in the language of cultural codes.

Contemporary art recurrently goes back to its own sources, focusing on what different ways in the historical development of world culture have in common and where their diversity and singularity resides. Kolosov’s works are based on the recognisable elements of national identity stressing the importance of national heritage and still serving as the source of inspiration for many an artist creating unique art objects.